The Space Risks Study Group comprises a group of highly experienced and well recognised industry leaders and experts from throughout the global market. The space risks insurance sector provides coverage for small cube satellites to big GEO satellites and large satellite constellations covering Launch liability, physical satellite launch, and satellites in orbit.

The Group also provides the Union with up to date information on trends, statistics and global developments in the Satellite Operator and Space Insurance markets.

2019 Plenary Session

In his capacity as Chairman of the Study Group, Pascal provided the introduction to the SRSG session and then gave an overview of the French space industry.

Pascal’s session was followed by the customary update of the space risks statistics, as collated by AXA/XL (see below) and presented by Rob Schenone.

The SRSG session in Bordeaux was split over two days, with Dave Wade opening the final morning of the AGM by providing an insight into the future use of large satellites within the 5G network. This was followed by Akiko Hama and Chris Kunstadter making a presentation on some of the issues that will arise for insurers with the introduction of paying customers for human space flight.

The final SRSG presentation saw Jan Schmidt give some thoughts on claims wordings and clarifications.

2019 Space Insurance Update

The 2019 Space Insurance Update, prepared by AXA/XL Group and as presented by Rob Schenone in Bordeaux, is available below.

The Update provides an overview of the commercial space market, space insurance metrics, losses and some conclusions.


Space Insurance Update
(Adobe PDF File)

Study Group Members

Picture courtesy of Ms. Motoko Mori, Arianespace Tokyo Office

Current topics of particular interest:

  • Wording trends
  • Cyber threats
  • Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations

2021 AGM

Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic the 2021 AGM will be held as a Virtual Event.
We plan to be in Dublin for our AGM in June 2022.