General Aviation is the largest, and probably most diverse, portfolio covered by a Study group, with risks from the smallest drone quadcopters, through private flying up to large corporate aircraft fleets and commercial helicopters.

HFW & AsBAA Survey Report: Illegal Charters in the Asia Pacific Region


Illegal Charter activity is a major problem globally across the General Aviation Account. Ryan Waguespack from NATA will be presenting on NATA's findings in this area as part of the GASG's programme for the Union's Virtual AGM in 2021.

In the meantime, Holman Fenwick and Willan and the Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA) have produced a report which focuses on illegal charters in Asia Pacific and looks at the damage they may be doing to the industry, as well as assessing the response to the issue from the regulators in the region.

Download a copy of the Report from the Link below.

IUAI Webinar: Business Aviation - The Impact of COVID 19

The GASG, in conjunction with the Global Aerospace in the US, have put together a short pre-recorded webinar looking at some of the issues facing the Business Aviation Sector in the aftermath of COVID 19.

Union Members can register to watch the webinar on a day and at a time that suits then by registering on the Webinar Events Page whihc can be accessed using the link below.

Link to Members' Webinar Page

2019 AGM Plenary Session

The GA Study Group made the final set of presentations of the 2019 AGM and opened with Philipp Langerweger providing an introduction and an outline of the GA sector in France. This was followed up by two further outlines of geographical markets. Firstly, Diego Suarez presented on GA in Latin America, then Irina Morozova gave an overview of underwriting experience in Ukraine.

The session then turned to a Panel Discussion, moderated by Philipp (Panellists were Diego, Paul O’Ryan, Frida Kangasniemi and John Brogan) which looked at changes in the provision of additional coverages and how such coverages had changed from their original intent.

Following the Panel Debate John Brogan looked at Hull Values, and the differences between Insured Value and Agreed Value and the implications for underwriters of these differences.

Victoria Mayes then turned Delegates’ attention to rotorwing aircraft, looking at the background, history and development of rotorwing and their operational complexity.

US Liability Awards, a topic with relevance across all sectors, was the subject of Davis Watkins presentation. David looked at some of the liability awards awarded across the US in sectors outside aviation and made some observations on these and their potential impact for Members.

The final presentation from the GASG looked at FOD. Marcello Maestri gave an outline of damage caused by bird strikes on turbo prop aircraft and the impact of these damages on the GA insurance sector.

Study Group Members

2021 AGM

Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic the 2021 AGM will be held as a Virtual Event.
We plan to be in Dublin for our AGM in June 2022.