The Airline Study Group focuses on the Airline Hull and Liability and Airline War sectors of the Aviation Insurance industry. The mission of the committee is to provide the IUAI membership with up to date information on trends, statistics and global developments in the Airline Operators and Insurance markets. Committee members come from throughout the global market and are senior representatives of a wide variety of the market's Insurance providers.

Study Group Members

As part of the Union's ongoing engagement programme with industry following COVID, the ASG arranged a discussion with Mark Searle, IATA’s Global Director of Flight Safety.

The discussion included comments on:

•    Concerns over the “Brain Drain” from the aviation sector as the pandemic continues to inhibit activity, and the potential impact of this on future safe operations.
•    The importance of Safety Leadership being at the forefront of thinking as the industry re-builds going forward.
•    A look at IATA’s Safety Management Dashboard and its COVID 19 Safety Risk Management Framework.

Although not strictly speaking a webinar, the session has been loaded to the Members Webinar section of the IUAI Website.

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2019 AGM Plenary Session

The ASG opened the business sessions for the 2019 AGM with Alastair Urquhart introducing the speakers and confirming that the Chair of the Study Group would be taken over by Jeff Bruno at the close of the Conference.

Jeff then made the first presentation, reviewing the definition, quantum and frequency of attritional losses.

The next two presentations looked at liability cover, with Yann Bissuel posing the question as to whether airlines were purchasing adequate limits for current exposures, and then Alain Burguire looking at whether automation in the airlines sector might impact liability awards using the motor sector, which has adopted automatic systems quite widely, to see if there might be some lessons learned, and some comparisons drawn from their experiences.

Following these presentations, the ASG turned its attention to the problems of use of alcohol and drugs by aircrew. Hideki Mishima presented on the specific issues faced by Japanese airlines, and the Japanese regulator’s response to these problems. Neil Dave then expanded the discussion to include use of psychoactive substances by aircrew, and the challenges these represented for operators and regulators. 

A Panel discussion then took place, with Alastair, Hideki and Neil joined by Mark Searle of the UK CAA debating the reasons for these problems, and the challenges these represented both for the insurance sector, their clients, and for regulators.

Following the Panel session, Mark Searle (CAA) gave a presentation on the current work of the CAA and its focus going forward in the continually changing and challenging aerospace sector. During his presentation Mark expressed the hope that his attendance at the AGM would be the start of a fruitful and meaningful dialogue between the CAA (and other regulators) and underwriters.

At the close of the ASG session the Secretary General responded to Mark’s comments on establishing a dialogue by making a commitment on behalf of the Union to engage with the CAA whenever this would be helpful. Following the AGM an initial meeting was held between CAA representatives and underwriters from both the Airlines and GA sectors being held in late July 2019 – Members will be kept updated on progress and any outcomes).



2021 AGM

Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic the 2021 AGM will be held as a Virtual Event.
We plan to be in Dublin for our AGM in June 2022.