The Space Risks Study Group comprises a group of highly experienced and well recognised industry leaders and experts from throughout the global market. The space risks insurance sector provides coverage for small cube satellites to big GEO satellites and large satellite constellations covering Launch liability, physical satellite launch, and satellites in orbit.

The Group also provides the Union with up to date information on trends, statistics and global developments in the Satellite Operator and Space Insurance markets.

Lisbon 2023 SRSG Programme

  • Introduction and Comments on ESG Implications for the space sector - Pascal Lecointe (SRSG Chair)
  • Space Risks Statistics Update/New Rocket Developments - Chris Kunstadter
  • Astro-politics (Geopolitics in space) - Pascal Lecointe
  • Commercial Moon Visits  - Takeshi Hakamada (iSpace)
  • SpaceX Starship Project - a Game Changer? - Jan Schmidt
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Dublin 2022 SRSG Presentations

The Union’s Members’ Conference/AGM 2022 took place at the Shelborne Hotel, Dublin, over three days from 30 May to 1 June. As part of the programme, the SRSG ran a workshop/plenary session covering various relevant topics, including in-orbit sustainability and the carbon footprint created by the space sector.

Video recordings and the relevant slide sets are available to Union Members by clicking on the link below (you may need to re-enter your username/password to access the content).

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What Keeps Space Insurers up at Night?

Chris Kunstadter, a previous Member of the Space Risks Study Group and currently Immediate Past President of the Union, has recently had an article published in the American Bar Association’s Air & Space Lawyer. The article focuses on two of the main issues that have recently come to the fore – collision risk and commercial human space flight. 

You can download the article through the following link:

What Keeps Space Insurers up at Night?

Study Group Members

Picture courtesy of Ms. Motoko Mori, Arianespace Tokyo Office

Current topics of particular interest:

  • Wording trends
  • Cyber threats
  • Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations

2024 Members' Conference (AGM)

Our 2024 Members' Conference will take place in Montreal, Canada from Tuesday  28 to Thursday 30 May 2024.