IATA/Insurance Round Table Discussion on Safe Transport of COVID Vaccine

On 12 May the Union hosted a virtual “Round Table” Discussion between representatives from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and from the insurance/reinsurance sector (both underwriting and broking).

The “Round Table” Discussion Webinar was organised to discuss the safe and timely global distribution of the COVID vaccine, one of the biggest challenges to have faced the airline sector for many years. The event looked at the issues to be addressed in order to ensure that cross-border vaccine distribution can operate smoothly, particularly against the backdrop of the disruption caused to normal operations by the Pandemic and the impact this has had on both insurers and their clients.

The event comprised representatives from IATA, and insurance carriers and brokers, with the objective being to discuss how the airline sector is responding to the particular challenges of COVID vaccine distribution, and to highlight and discuss the main issues and areas of clarification required by insurance carriers to allow them to support the airlines in meeting these challenges.

2024 Members' Conference (AGM)

Our 2024 Members' Conference will take place in Montreal, Canada from Tuesday  28 to Thursday 30 May 2024.

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